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شنطة الحب من مافالا مكونة من 1- مافالا ساينتفك منتج طبيعى يقوى طرف الظفر 2- مافالا وايت ، منتج يعمل على تبييض ال...

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Description Thorough cleansing of your skin morning and evening is the very first beauty step. Yet, in case of unsuitable products, this essential step can alter the skin's protecting hydrolipidi...

كريم مزدوج لمحيط العين
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كريم مزدوج لمحيط العين

Description The eye contour is the most fragile part of the face and to avoid irritations it has to be protected and moisturized. Moisturizing care which helps prevent the development of wrinkles...

Anti-Spot Cream for Hands

Pigmentary blemishes represent one of the major natural phenomena of ageing skin. Hormonal changes, too frequent exposure to the sun or without protection are the origin of increased disturbance of th...

Revitalizing Emulsion for tired Legs

Leg comfort and beauty require a daily care for immediate freshness and benefit. REVITALIZING EMULSION is especially formulated to relieve tired legs. Ideal for your well-being, it relaxes immediatel...

Lip Gloss, Creamy Gloss. Lip Perfector.

Lips need special attention. Mucous membranes, deprived of sebaceous glands, they are more exposed to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun, pollution,… However, nothing impedes taking c...

" Lip Base" Fixes lipstick

Lips, unlike face and body skin, have no sebaceous glands to maintain the functioning of the skin's natural barrier. Lips become exposed to dryness, chaps and cracks more quickly and must, theref...

Lip Balm Protecting and repairing
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Lip Balm Protecting and repairing

Lips are deprived of sebaceous glands. They are therefore more vulnerable and cannot protect themselves against dehydration and aggressive factors such as pollution, cold, sun, very dry environment. T...

Pressed Powder Transparent powder.
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Pressed Powder Transparent powder.

Powders can even out your complexion with an invisible veil that provides a subtle matt look. It does not matter whether if it is used with your foundation (or tinted cream), or used after applying yo...